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Dancer.  DJ.  Instructor.  Photographer.  Darin Price is the man behind the brand, SALSERO.  
In 2009, Darin founded Essence of Rhythm Latin Dance Co., now known as SALSERO ROC Dance Academy 2011, Darin began DJ'ing events in our local community, across the US and even internationally. In 2017, He decided to take his love of landscape, portrait, and special event photography more seriously and began offering his services for portrait and event photography.
Darin (Or as many call him, "Salsero") is known across the entirety of  Upstate NY as the premier instructor, performer, choreographer and organizer for Salsa on1, , Bachata, Cha-Cha and Afro-Latin Jazz.
Darin hosts several of the longest running Latin dance socials in Rochester  NY on a monthly basis, while also offering private and group lessons for adults and youth for all levels of learning.

His primary focus is to enrich the region through creativity, culture and community. He accomplishes this by facilitating space for all to share their passion. He prides himself on providing a welcoming atmosphere for clients to connect, share and celebrate what this wonderful arts community has to offer. 



T. 585-738-4257  |
Classes held at: Boxman Bldg 80 Rockwood Pl, Rochester, NY 14610

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