COVID Policy

Thank you for being a part of our dance community. As you make your way back to dance classes, we have put a few new rules into place to keep our community safe.



Otherwise, Masks (not gaiters or bandanas) must be worn by all at all times.  Thoroughly wash hands before and after class (at home) on top of sanitizing at the studio. Do NOT come if you are feeling ill or if there is someone ill at your home. Do NOT come if you or a family member have been exposed to anyone COVID-positive. Notify the studio immediately if you, or a family member have tested positive for COVID. 14 days must pass before returning to studio if you or a family member test positive.

Entering the Studio

All dancers will remain on sidewalk until called upon to enter through our front door. At the time of entrance, all dancers will have their temperature taken, will be provided with a pump of hand sanitizer and will receive instructions to enter the building.

Exiting the studio

Please exit immediately after your class is over to allow space for the next group to enter. Hand Sanitizing should happen directly after class & while leaving the studio/building.

Personal Belongings & Personal Responsibility

All dancers should bring in their own labeled water bottle. All dancers should bring in their own mini hand sanitizer to use throughout the time in class. No food is permitted as we do not want any unnecessary items in the building. Dance shoes must be worn during class, no bare feet.


Use the bathroom prior to entering the building. Only use studio bathroom in case of emergency. Do as much interaction via email or phone when it comes to registration, questions and payments. Take your temperature prior to coming to dance class. If you have a temperature over 100.4, DO NOT COME!

Studio Responsibilities

All instructors will be masked at all times. We will be cleaning in between classes by wiping down high traffic areas and surfaces. Please do NOT touch anything you do not need to.

Thank you for your patience and help in navigating these new and challenging circumstances.  We will continue to work to ensure a safe and fun environment for all of our students. While none of this is ideal, it is our new reality and responsibility to return to dancing safely.